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What is Freemasonry?


The World's Oldest Fraternity

Ancient Craft Masonry has existed since time immemorial. Modern Freemasonry began in England in 1717 and has become the worlds largest and oldest fraternal order with an estimated 6 million members worldwide.



Freemasons believe in strengthening their communities. Through support of youth and  community organizations Masons make a tremendous impact on the quality of life for the citizens living within the places they work, live and play.


Brotherly Love

In a world where we live our lives behind a screen. Freemasonry encourages us to step out from behind that screen and share in brotherly love and affection with our fellow man.



Charity is that one thing that goes on even beyond the grave. Charity is one of the most important principles of Freemasonry. To give to those in need and lift up our communities and fellow man are among the things Masons strive for most.



Freemasons believe in being true to ones self and constantly seeking knowledge and understanding to build themselves into better men to better serve their families, their communities, and their God.

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